Clifford Genece

As a USA born Haitian, Clifford has a responsibility to honor the history and support the future of Haiti and the Black experience.

Clifford has a 20-year diverse work portfolio. From launching flagship retail stores, business consulting, and supporting start-up growth, he's excited to bring his expertise to smaller brands that are finding their footing and looking to breakthrough plateaus.

His growth strengths and expertise are in supporting eCommerce operations, web development, quality assurance, customer service, press releases, and marketing strategies. As a marketer and consultant, he's able to promote what he believes is the most important mission all groups need: self-sustainability and autonomy. 

As an artist, Clifford loves working with innovators, formulators, and brands that are working to drive social change while sparking groundbreaking conversations.

He operates Antilles Marketing to support underrepresented businesses and non-profits that are focused on redefining social conversations. Whether through operational support, digital and print marketing, or consulting, Clifford's decade-long experience ensures that every brand's unique message is amplified to promote community, culture, and self-growth.

Clifford holds a Bachelor's in Sociology. He is the owner of Galt's Conditioning®, a health-focused platform that supports people in their journey of pushing through life's limits. He is the creator of Nothing Moves Without A Black Culture Podcast, owner of the Black Excellence Shop, and author of Reaching Toward Your Light, a mental health memoir. 

When he isn't working, Clifford enjoys trail running, hiking, and looking for the perfect shot through his camera lens.