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HIts by jude

Born and raised in  Brooklyn, Hits By Jude discovered his passion for music and the unmistakable allure of the New York sound. From the very beginning, he was captivated by the rhythms, melodies, and gritty soulfulness that permeated the city's vibrant music scene.

tealee's Tea house & Bookstore

Located in Denver's historic Five Points neighborhood, at TeaLee's Tea House & Bookstore we Move to the Rhythm of Tea.

“This has always been my community from Five Points all the way up to Park Hill … I wanted a business in the neighborhood where I was raised.”

The haiti tree

The Haiti Tree Project non-profit supports Haitian communities to reverse the damage caused by deforestation. 

Funded by donations and driven by the community, locals restore their forests, local economy, and find food sovereignty through the power of seeds.


Galt's Conditioning® shares ideas, stories, and dedication of embodying  health and personal development into everyday sustenance. 

Just like you eat, breathe, drink, and sleep daily, personal growth is a daily responsibility  to become a better version of yourself.